With love from a conspirator – BLM

With love from a conspirator – BLM

How many black bodies must bleed,
Before we lead, before their blood stains our skin,
With a future so grim. Before our collective conscience
Collects a conscience, and acts on this criminal indifference,
And calls the plays out – scene one racism,
the schism, scene two another murder by the blue,
Scene three the scream – did you hear her? Watching the life
Empty out of her lover; watching silently as they killed
Just another brother. Except that Sterling was a father, and
So many more things – not just his color. Except his name was Castile,
His death, our chance to storm Bastille. Take your lips
To his service – scream with purpose, cry injustice, be a comrade,
Let them know we can’t be had. Deafen them with the fire that burns
On your lips and turns, in your stomach and let them see the tears
Dammed by the damned. Use whiteness in solidarity,
A shield of humanity. Because how many black bodies must bleed,
Before we rally in this time of need, before homicide becomes
Genocide – and they cart away more friends of color; more teachers and
Doctors. How many lights must be smothered, before we thunder:

Black and brown lives matter.

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