Rock lobster.

Scalded myself on the beach in Barcelona today.




Submerged, the world fades away.

In the distance, engines trill.

Another world.


Weightless. A creature of infinite grace,

Tranquility ebbs and flows,

Ebbs and flows,

Ebbs and flows,

From the sea to the soul.


Salt kisses the lips,

A gentle reminder- be present, listen.

You are one. Only one.


The Lazarus Post: To friends, with Love (from Valencia).

Friends, Lezamis, Amigos, Freunde,

So I’ve been thinking about reviving the blog for a while, but I haven’t really been sure how to do it. Blog 1.0 was a lot of details peppered with anecdotes, but it wasn’t very me. For people with working access to Google (literally everyone of you right now:, you should try it), my blog wasn’t much more than you could get from a well-written Wikipedia page (lol). So I’m going to try this new thing for a bit, we aren’t going to call it poetry or prose, because I really don’t know what those things are. Instead we’re going to call it a blog of feeeeeeeeelings, where I flagrantly violate the rules of grammar and common decency, with a devil-may-care attitude. I’ll try to include a place or some kind of context, so you can follow me along my adventures. Right now: I’m sitting in Valencia drinking bathwater coffee in my hostel’s common room and diving is on (what a strange sport). Long may you live, tiny bikini clad men.

The first of today’s feelings was written back in May, while I was in Boston. Though I think my mom, when she came to visit me in Rennes in July, explained it best: “I was wandering around looking for you in the cafeteria, when I thought, ‘That’s silly, Amanda would never be inside’ ”.


In the Sunshine


Chin lifted toward the sun,

The world quiets.

She feels as though she could fly,


As if





Each molecule of her body,

Each fiber of her soul,


Is                                 r     e         a           c             h               i               n                g




Out to touch the intangible,

Out to grasp the rays,

Out to sway drunkenly in their warm embrace,


As if any second, all the pieces of her could lift away,

And be scattered in the cosmos, waltzing with the stars,


And so she lifts her chin a little higher,

And she breathes a little deeper,




And for a moment she is no more,

Just millions of tiny pieces,

Dancing with the Sun.





Feeling 2 was written around Grenada and on my way to Valencia. The drive to Valencia was just the best. I went with Blahblah car and this fantastic dude named José. Musical stylings for our trip were provided by the radio and included Alanis Morissette, Sixpence None the Richer and the Offspring. Poor José had to listen to constant my effusions (“Oh it’s just so beautiful”- all the space got me real worked up; and “AHAHAHAHA. Look, a cloud”- Sevilla doesn’t have clouds, I’d forgotten they existed, which I found extremely funny). He tolerated me very well. Props to you sir.


The Familiar, Unfamiliar


A new sight, a sight unseen,

As if the badlands embraced the pines on the other side of the sea,

A familiar unfamiliar.


The melody is different, the tongue is not my own,

But he is playing heartstrings and these are universal,

For love and loss are spoken with feeling,

The familiar unfamiliar.


Vast expanses, fields baked and burnt, brown and yellow,

Space all around, spirit abounds,

A familiar unfamiliar.


Large white knights stand erect, ready to battle the craziest of men,

A memory from the heart’s home,

The familiar unfamiliar.




[To be continued!!!]


Be safe, have fun and brush your teeth. Write me if you have the chance. I love hearing from you.


With Love, Je t’embrasse, Besos, Muito Amor, Liebe Grüße,